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Friends of South Yemen (FOSY) is a society whose main goal is the establishment of an independent state in South Yemen. Membership is open to all Yemenis and individuals and organisations who support this objective.

FOSY’s Chairman Abdul Galil Shaif Kasim said:

“Two countries adjoining, understanding and collaborating with each other are far better than a federal state in which wars, destruction and destitution continue.

We are on a mission to step up our push for international recognition.”


Friends of South Yemen is an information resource which welcomes dialogue and open discussion about the case for southern statehood. The views in the articles on this website are not necessarily those of FOSY.

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Yemen: The Case for Southern Statehood

Friends of South Yemen is pleased to announce the release of its documentary video titled, Yemen: The Case for Southern Statehood.

STC president meets ambassadors of
five permanent members of the Security Council

A historic meeting between the President of the Southern Transitional Council Aidrous Al-Zubaidi and the ambassadors of the five permanent members of the Security Council shows the international community now considers the inclusion of the STC as essential in its endeavours to secure a lasting peace in Yemen.

The meeting was held in Riyadh on November 22nd with an STC delegation led by Zubaidi and the ambassadors of Washington, Moscow, Beijing, London and Paris.

Five Ambassadors

Discussions focused on the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement as well as the latest developments on the ground. Zubaidi highlighted the cause of the South and stressed the need “for an active presence of the STC in all stages of the upcoming political process to stop the war and bring peace to the region.”

He also drew the ambassadors’ attention to the role of the STC and its forces in countering terrorism and smuggling operations across the coasts of the South, securing international shipping corridors in Bab El-Mandab, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, as well as confronting the Houthis.

They discussed ways and methods of addressing the worsening economic crisis and restructuring the state systems and institutions, especially the economic, financial and supervisory institutions as well as the judiciary and political institutions.

A senior UN official has confirmed that in the last few weeks high-ranking officials have met with leading members of the STC in several world capitals to negotiate peaceful ways out of the Yemeni crisis and that other direct negotiations will take place in the near future.

The media described the meeting between the Southern Transitional Council and the ambassadors of the permanent five members of the Security Council as a significant a turning point in the relationship between the STC representing southern aspiration for a southern independent state and the international community. Previous to this meeting Zubaidi met the UN envoy and the US envoy respectively. He also met the Chargé d'Affairs of the US Embassy Cathy Westley in Riyadh and the Norwegian ambassador Thomas Lid Ball.

FOSY believes this is a new sign that the international community recognizes the huge role the STC can play to contribute to the peace settlement and their contribution to the war against Houthi domination of the political spectrum.

“The legitimate government is now seen as weak and Islah’s influence is only deepening the crisis rather than finding political solutions,” FOSY’s Chairman Dr Abdul Galil Shaif said. “FOSY has made contact with representatives of the STC currently in Saudia Arabia with regard to the outcome of this meeting and their response was that the talks held with the ambassadors of the permanent five permanent members had been “very positive” and constructive but offered no further details.”

Shaif emphasised that FOSY is continuing to advance the cause of the Southern people at every political and diplomatic level.

A road map for Yemen

Friends of South Yemen proposes to the international community a three-stage plan to bring about a peaceful solution to the crisis in Yemen. The road map makes proposals for an ending of the war in Yemen, finding a way out of the current political stalemate and offering a vision for the future.

The detailed proposals are featured as the cover story of Issue 10 of the South Yemen Update newsletter, and are also available as a separate document by clicking here.

An Arabic language version is available at this link: خارطة طريق لليمن

Issue 20 of FOSY’s South Yemen Update newsletter has been published.

The lead article is entitled “Yemen in 2022 - Another challenging year for the STC”.

Also included is an announcement of a newly published book, Yemen: Gateway to the world?, written by FOSY's chairman Dr Abdul Galil Shaif.

Click here to read the newsletter.